Using Semicolons

Using Semicolons

The colon should not be used typically in most kinds of writing unless there are in depth lists involved. The guidelines of the colon are strict however pretty straightforward to recollect. A semicolon could also be used between unbiased clauses joined by a connector, similar to and, but, or, nor, etc., when one or more commas seem in the first clause. Use a semicolon to separate models of a series when one or more of the items comprise commas. Avoid a semicolon when a dependent clause comes before an independent clause. It’s no accident that a semicolon is a interval atop a comma.

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But what if the list included explanations or further detail concerning the gadgets? Where the record objects themselves already use commas, issues can get sophisticated. That’s where the semicolon could be helpful. A fast and handy check is to remove the colon and ask whether or not the sentence would still make sense.

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